2019 CERN FR-W: The best allround kiteboard ever made!
Very lightweight, flexible and durable. Our team riders went exited after riding CERN fr-w.

Enjoy Early planning and smooth soft riding. You will be surprised by the fast turns, huge and accurate pop, big airs and easy wave cutting. Tested for long and in all conditions, we never had sprayed in the sessions or tired knees as it is made for timeless comfortable sessions.

The Goal:

The target is reached. We created an unlimited board when it comes to wind and wave conditions, and tricks variety. Perfectly suitable for freeride and wakestyle sessions. High Target was reached for big airs as well as for wave riding. If your target is to go for an amazing old school trick or to heat a stylish hard new school unhooked trick the CERN fr-w will take you there faster easier and smooth. We did not cut anything from quality. All the boards are handcrafted and require many hours of labour. High-quality Raw materials are used for construction. We now are happy to give you the satisfaction you were looking for on a high-quality custom board.

Construction Technology

For a weightless board, a weightless board is needed. CERN fr-w core is 100% carbon with hard PVC and heavy duty epoxy resin. Anything more is extra weight for no reason. For the perfect board, the application of the fine material must be made by hand. That costs more but only then we can be proud of having constructed the perfect board. To understand perfectly the weightless board riding feeling you have to ride it, by trying to explain it with words it's like a bird trying to explain how is it to fly to a turtle. CERN fr-w is made for flying


45mm rocker is enough for immediate turning, automatic pop and a ride without spray in any sea condition. A 12 mm deep concave ensures a ride on a cushion of air and really soft landings. And this can be achieved only by hands. Quarto-circle rails are the support base of the board on the water. Also made by hands but it's worth it because of the high degree of control which offers.


If your tricks are 50% Unhooked and 50% Hooked, CERN FR-W is your board. An all-rounder freeride - freestyle from medium to expert level, perfect for the waves also.

Give yourself the chance to taste this pleasure and achieve exceptional performance.



Ride Characteristics

  • Perfect Comfort Ride
  • Impressive early planning
  • Immediate turning
  • Extreme upwind
  • Edge Grip
  • Extreme pop
  • As high as possible jumps
  • Smooth and stable landing


  • The lightest board in the world
  • Unique VIP construction
  • Full carbon for pure performance
  • PVC core
  • Quarto-circle rails for optimum control


  • Rocker 45mm
  • Concave 12mm
  • Tips 25 - 26 - 27 cm
  • Weight: less than 1350 - 1600 - 1750 gr (132x40 - 136x41 - 139x42)


Buy Now

Boards ready to be shipped
Medium 136 x 41
Large 139 x 42
If you wish another size, we will need 15 days until the final shipment from the day that you order.
The final cost of the board with straps and fins included is 850€
Shipping cost for Europe is 40 euros and out of Europe is 50 euros.
Paypal payment system all credit cards are acceptable


We provide you with 3 years guarantee. That means that if the board breaks within the limits of normal usage we provide you with free of charge service or a total replacement. Warranty is not valid if the board is used on ramps, sliders, kickers or riding on hard materials. Avoid rocks and long-term sun, or low temperature, exposure

Our Return Policy:
If you are not completely satisfied with your board, please return it to us within 30 days of receipt, and you will receive a refund excluding shipping costs.